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This includes foods brought to school for various school functions, included but not limited to, birthdays, holiday celebrations, and school events.Teachers and staff will be provided with a list containing food suggestions for these occasions, which will encourage (but not require) items listed in the USDA’s Smart Snacks initiative.This policy encourages a holistic approach to staff and student wellness that is sensitive to individual needs.Policy Leadership: The principal shall implement and ensure compliance with the policy by leading the review, update, and evaluation of the policy.(a) Participation in such physical activity shall be required for all students in kindergarten through grade eight for a minimum average of thirty minutes per full school day.(b) Such instruction shall be provided for grades K-8 through formal physical education courses, integration into other courses, and/or regularly scheduled school-wide activities.

Through "Kangaroo Mother Care," and the support of health workers and her family, Renuka persevered, and the triplets recently celebrated their first birthday.

4 January 2018 – As schools reopened after the winter break, children in the Ukhia sub-district of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, lined up not only to receive new books, but also a dose of diphtheria tetanus (DT) vaccine.

School children living in areas close to the Rohingya camps are being administered a dose of DT vaccine as part of the diphtheria outbreak response.

8 January 2018 – The Director-General of WHO has outlined his vision for a Madagascar free of plague epidemics during a three-day visit to the island nation.

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Madagascar can make plague epidemics a thing of the past through strategic investments in its health system – including better access to healthcare, improving preparedness, surveillance and response capabilities, and implementing the International Health Regulations.

Food and Beverage Marketing: First Lutheran will restrict food and beverage marketing to only those foods and beverages that meet the nutrition standards established in USDA’s Nutrition Standards for All Foods Sold in Schools (Smart Snacks) rule.

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