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31-Aug-2017 11:48

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All that said, one of the things we hope for in 2016 is for Tamra and Simon to settle their custody beef once and for all.

star opened up about being estranged from her eldest daughter, the Bravo star shared some good news with her followers.

No matter whose side of the break up you were on you would probably agree Simon and Tamra had reached a point where they were toxic for each other, so it’s good to hear both parties seem to be moving on after such a tumultuous break up.

Most people know him from his time spent married to Tamra Judge (formerly Tamra Barney), real housewife from Orange County, but Simon Barney doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore.

Occasionally Simon will post comments obviously addressing his relationship with Tamra, like this one from November 17: Don’t let people try to take or steal your happiness. Just ignore it and smile and keep your happiness in tact. Yenrab Nomisunselfishness – the quality of not putting yourself first but being willing to give your time or money or effort etc. I always seem to get the short end being unselfish and trying to make the selfish happy. And that everything is a permanent record if it is on tv or Internet. “You can point to where the water is in a Dessert, getting them to go and drink it is a Different story. This article says this picture was taken last weekend.. because I was 7,000 miles away in Hong Kong on business. The girl I’m currently dating over 4 months now, looked at this pic and remembered that night. Anyways – Good luck to you Simon, and congrats on finding a little happiness and stability!

That being said, Simon and Tamra still have their issues and they occasionally play out online and will most certainly be featured in the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. When you get that call, text, email or visit that is intended to bring you down. Niaga Em-sti Haey Commenter Please tell me you are planning to do something about this George Lopez show that Tamra took your oldest daughter too and talked about very inappropriate things. I’ve asked her be aware of what she does, because it does affect the kids. Finally- I have kids that don’t need this crap-and this should really be confirmed before being published anywhere. This just goes to show that once you appear on a reality show it is SUPER hard to shake the drama and media attention that will follow you around like a hungry dog you gave your hamburger to.

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We might not know too much about Simon Barney, but we will learn more here.He does not want his kids associated with the life that their mother leads and, in fact, she doesn’t even have custody of their older daughter now that she’s chosen to live with her father.