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11-Oct-2017 09:11

One might think that churning out mediocre-to-bad movies on purpose would be a dumb idea, until one looks at the sales and rental figures.

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This is generally not a good sign in terms of quality (especially if it originally going to be released theatrically, but was consigned to video)—the term "direct-to-video" or "straight-to-video" often gets used as slang for "cheaply made, rushed, low quality", and in extreme cases, "complete bucket of crap." In the United States, while there have been plenty of direct-to-video films and such since the advent of home video, they were usually things that were considered financially unsound to release in theaters, like instructional videos, specialized documentaries, foreign films, films with controversial or niche subject matter, and pornography.En effet, ils ont demandé une augmentation de leur salaire auprès du gouvernement wallon.

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While involved in a violent and frenetic cat-and-mouse chase across the city, Alex tries to uncover the conspiracy behind her pursuers. Director Campanelli wanted to cast Purefoy based on his performance in the television series "The Following".… continue reading »

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