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Erens, 2012) internationally) with biodiversity education and concrete biodiversity management works.This is done in cooperation with several researchers, partners and interest groups, the support of the local and European authorities, the efforts of the youth and numerous local volunteers, and is supported by the local community.This way, the area can become a leading example of how a successful cooperation between companies, nature organizations and agriculture can recover the most beautiful and rich pearls of the area back to their true glory.1 Introduction In the framework of the Quarry Life Award Project from the Heidelberg Cement Group, we are reporting on the project Groene Groeve Tiendeberg and how this project can attribute to the Heidelberg Cements biodiversity ambitions Groene Groeve Tiendeberg is a unique biodiversity project.7 Vegetation surveys Fungi Wild bees Spiders, ground beetles and ants Grasshoppers and butterflies Amphibians and reptiles Land snails Bats Other mammals Birds Conclusion 5.3 Actions carried out in the Quarry Life Award 2012 framework p. 11 Attachments 1 Biodiversity Action Plan (Dutch/English/French) 2 Communication & Activities Quarry Life Award 2012 (Dutch) 3 Conservation Situation (Dutch) A Legal contours B Management history 4 Historical threats (Dutch) 5 Contemporary threats (Dutch) 6 Results Flora Survey (Dutch) 7 Results Fauna Survey (Dutch) 8 Toponymy and vegetation types (Dutch) A Toponymy B Vegetation types Bibliography Research Team Project Green Quarry Tiendeberg Saja Erens, LL. In the framework of the Quarry Life Award Project 2012, Natuurpunt has received the opportunity by the Heidelberg Cement Group to analyse the biodiversity of the project area more closely.

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Because this traditional ancient way of agriculture has disappeared and because of the modernisation of transport, land consolidations and reclamations in the framework of the construction of the Albert canal, Groeve Tiendeberg suffered considerably in the past century (see attachment 4).

allowed to graze on the slopes so that their valuable manure could be used to increase the productivity of the farmlands.

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