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What is a large and powerful company to do when it no longer wishes to pay the licensing fees for the technology it is selling? Constitution's war powers and the constitutionally prescribed processes for making foreign policy.

In the case of Comcast, the answer is simple - just steal the technology and ignore the law. Since at least the 1950 Korean War, Congress has meekly surrendered them to the president despite the disastrous results.

The very name Byzantine illustrates the misconceptions to which the empire’s history has often been subject, for its inhabitants would hardly have considered the term appropriate to themselves or to their state.

Theirs was, in their view, none other than the Roman Empire, founded shortly before the beginning of the Christian era by God’s grace to unify his people in preparation for the coming of his Son.

The latter term is derived from the name Byzantium, borne by a colony of ancient Greek foundation on the European side of the Bosporus, midway between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

The city was, by virtue of its location, a natural transit point between Europe and Asia Minor (Anatolia).

Help appears finally to be on the way to thousands of desperate Christian, Yazidi and other minority refugees in northern Iraq, more than two months after Vice President Mike Pence promised last October 25 to "stop funding ineffective relief efforts at the United Nations" and "provide support...

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The same term may even be used until the last half of the 6th century, as long as men continued to act and think according to patterns not unlike those prevailing in an earlier Roman Empire.

Can you name the Balkan leader who has been in high office longer than Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus? In Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic has held power and just about every high-level post there is over the past quarter century. There is usually only one reason for a politician to not want to give up the reins of power — the risk of being prosecuted for corruption.

Not everything over there is fully functional yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the indefinite future.

The West cannot solve the problem of Afghanistan alone. It is no exaggeration to say that, other than the president himself, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been the subject of more criticism than anyone else in the Trump administration over the past year.

and its European allies can treat the symptoms, but they can only stave off the absolute disaster for a period of time, at the cost of much blood and treasure.

With the almost-certain passage of tax reform next week, Congress will deliver President Donald Trump's first major legislative victory.

Poco dopo, nel settembre del 1991 un certo William Moffet, che era incaricato della Huntington Library in California, ha annunziato al mondo intero che quella biblioteca era in possesso delle fotografie dei manoscritti ritrovati a Qumran o meglio dei manoscritti del Mar Morto.… continue reading »

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Here are 5 things to consider when you’re talking to someone you think is a jerk. I don’t know if you remember, Priscilla, in elementary school in North America- I have a lot of listeners from around the world. I want to talk today about how to use it as a practice. I have five things to consider when you are talking to J and six other things to be aware of. … continue reading »

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The Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), is the military academy of the Canadian Forces, and is a degree-granting university.… continue reading »

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When her brother comes home from college and finds out what his sister has been up to to finance his education, he commits suicide. Cast: Ginny Simms, Tom Drake, Jane Night, Michael O'Shea, Russ Morgan. With the usual gang of kids and a mermaid named Lorelei. To repay the loan, she begins working as a library clerk. Cast: Jeremy Piven, Chris Young, David Spade, Megan Ward, Sarah Trigger, Jessica Walter.… continue reading »

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Many women in our community have been forced to deal with a divorce after 60. According to UK government statistics, divorce rates for women over 60 have increased significantly since 1991.… continue reading »

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Es finden sich aber auch Senioren, die noch über das gesetzliche Rentenalter hinaus arbeiten, einfach, weil es möglich ist und sie sich Tage ohne Arbeit gar nicht vorstellen wollen oder können.… continue reading »

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Packed with proteins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals, these are little factories of good health.… continue reading »

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Designed for people from Kent over 35, Fresh Start is the perfect place to start something meaningful. Dating is the new dating experience from KM Media Group and is part of Kent Online.… continue reading »

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